Why Use Orient Products Rather Than Dawlance?

Orient and Dawlance are both among the biggest manufacturers of consumer goods in Pakistan. While the latter focuses on reliability as its mission, the former has come up with the most up-to-date products for today's domestic needs.

You might be confused about both the brands, if you are looking for consumer goods to bring your home. The following discussion answers the question why use Orient products rather than Dawlance:

A More Motivating Mission Statement

The respective mission statements of both the companies clearly reveal which one of them is doing a better job. No doubt, Dawlance has been a reliable name for years, but Orient has a much broader focus. Apart from delivering quality electronics to its valuable clients, it also focuses on the overall advancement of the country by filling every household with products which have been developed with the most up-to-date technology. These products will not only create convenience in your life, but will bring a significant change in your entire lifestyle.

Therefore, where Dawlance gives you good quality, Orient offers much more beyond convenience.

Versatility in Products

The range of consumer goods offered by Orient is much more versatile than Dawlance. Potential buyers will, therefore, have a greater choice. For instance, the range of Orient air-conditioners is quite wide as it includes split air-conditioners, floor standing ACs and cassette type air-conditioners. Similarly, the range of refrigerators includes from simple to advanced models, such as the OSBS 698SS model furnished with electronic control multi-airflow technology. You will not find this kind of variety in the case of Dawlance products. Orient, therefore, attracts more buyers.

More Advanced Design

Orient products also come with a more advanced design and a charming appearance to adorn your house. For instance, Orient's GD series of refrigerators offers sophisticated and chic design with different metallic colors. On the other hand, Dawlance has not started to focus on the external appearance of its products yet. They appear plain and rather boring. The color options are also limited. Therefore, if you want performance along with an attractive style, Orient goods should be preferred.

Better Customer Care

Orient takes care of its customers not just at the time of purchase, but also later in case the users encounter some problem. The company has a proper dedicated team of professionals who provide prompt customer support and answer each and every query placed by their clients. The official website also provides complete support and user-friendly navigation. Apart from general information, there is a separate section for lifestyle articles as well as a blog full of useful articles about the products. On the other hand, Dawlance lags behind Orient in such services.

More Value for Money

Every buyer desires value for money as most consumer goods, namely, air-conditioners, LCD television sets and refrigerators, are all expensive. When you pay more, you would want the best quality. With Orient products, you can rest assured that you are making a good deal. You will get a combination of great performance, an attractive design, warranty, top-notch technology and post-purchase customer care. For instance, the Entertainer Refrigerator a refrigerator with an LED TV is the first of its kind in the world. It delivers all that it promises. On the other hand, Dawlance still has to endeavor a lot more to come up to this standard and technology.

Bottom Line

Therefore, it is clear that Orient is a better choice in comparison with Dawlance. The company is progressing steadily and has the potential to become the No. 1 electronics goods brand in the country.