Toaster | Prices in Pakistan

The leading toaster manufacturing brands in Pakistani market are those of Haier and Waves, each of which offers its own specification standards and respective toaster prices in Pakistan. The eco-friendly technology and material used in the Haier Pop up Toaster not only enable you save energy but also protect the natural environment. At the bottom, there is a unique cord winding compartment, while the Extra Wide Slot is meant for toasting larger pieces of bread. In addition, the Movable Steel Net allows the easy movement of the bread piece. On the other hands, the highest international standard toasters manufactured by Waves provide extra performance with maximum efficiency and reliability. For maintaining the required degree of browning, this small home appliance is featured with an adjustable browning degree control knob. Here it is worth noticing that the Waves' toasters are cheaper than those offered by Haier and come within the economic range of the majority of the interested buyers.