2024 Iron Prices in Pakistan

Also known as 'flatiron' or 'clothing iron', this small home appliance is a handheld piece of equipment. The most vital part is its hot plate or sole plate which is usually made up of either aluminum or stainless steel. For removing curves in clothes, its heated flat & roughly triangular bottom is pressed against the given fabric. In this way, the beauty, outlook and life of your precious clothes get enhanced.

Dress is considered to be the mirror of one's personality, status, ideology, likes & dislikes, and sobriety of thinking. The more decent you look, the stronger will be the impact of your personality on the onlookers. So, every sophisticated and civilized individual with high social bearing will always be found dressing ironed clothes.

Featuring the thermostatic maintenance of the selected temperature, the modern day electric irons are available in two versions, namely, simple iron and steam iron. The most popular and trusted brands include Haier, Waves, National and Phillips, that are offering their quality products with varying electric iron prices in Pakistan.