Washing Machine And Dryer | Prices in Pakistan

Front Load, Top Load, Semi Automatic, Washer and the new H-Zone Automatic are some of the washing machine types, manufactured and marketed by Dawlance in Pakistan. Here the H-Zone is the latest release which offers you ultimate washing solution. The revolutionary Air Wash feature in it would be of prime appeal for the potential buyers as it turns air into Ozone (O3) for the sake of sterilization, killing bacteria and removing odor from miscellaneous products. On the other hand, the latest Samsung models of washing machine come with Diamond Drum, big capacity, user-friendly LED display, Child Lock and efficient Air Turbo Drying System. Among the Haier washing machine brands, there include Semi Automatic, Top Load Fully Automatic, Front Load Fully Automatic, Washer and Spinner. These are famous for their V6 Vapor Ironing & Double Drive technology, Wavedrum, Energy Efficiency Rating, anti-bacterial treatment and eco-clean mechanism. However, depending on the quality and specification standards, different brands are offering them with varying washing machine prices in Pakistan.