Air Coolers | Prices in Pakistan

In spite of the worldwide dominance of air conditioner, air cooler is still in use in various countries of the world as it is a relatively natural, economical and environment friendly alternative to the former. It is considered to be a natural way of cooling the interior of your room in the sense that it involves evaporative cooling to dissipate heat and moderate the temperature and humidity of the atmosphere. Also known as the wet air cooler, desert cooler or swamp cooler, it can bring the temperature of your room significantly down by using much less energy than that consumed by the process of refrigeration. In addition, the air cooler prices in Pakistan are very low, and it comes within the reach of all and sundry. However, it is to be realized that an air cooler can perform a single function of cooling, whereas the air conditioning technology accomplishes multiple tasks, including cooling, freezing, heating, ventilation and disinfection. Nevertheless, if you need just cooling, air cooler is often the only choice you have.