Top 10 Best Buys of 2012

Different electronic products have completely changed the life style of people over the years. These products have not only made things easier but are also the biggest sources of entertainment in modern world. It is always quite interesting and informative to find out which electronic gadget is famous among the people and why. Even appliances from different brands having similar specifications have something different to offer to user which determines the success or failure of any device. In the following lines the top ten electronic products have been discussed that have jolted the market in 2012.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The capabilities and fabulous features offered by Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 cannot be matched by any other gadget even not by Apple iPad. It has 10 inch screen and have 16 GB built in memory. Its battery is as powerful as an iPad and offers a SD card slot which is absent in its competitor.

3. Vizio Cinema WIDE XVT3D

The best feature of this home theater is its size that is massive 58 inches which provides you the environment of cinema at home. This allows most wide formats films to run smoothly without showing black lines visible on ordinary television. It is also accompanied by many accessories like 3D glasses and a blue tooth remote with a keyboard. It has great 3D picture that is sensational enough to satisfy the needs of film lovers.

4. Nikon Coolpix S800c

This is an unbelievable camera and also the first one that runs a Google Android system along with different Android applications. These applications allow editing pictures on board and you can also share them on Facebook. Furthermore, you can create a beautiful slideshow with background music. In addition, the camera resolution is towering 16 Megapixels that makes it the best among the rest.

5. Sonos Play 3

Compact stereo systems do not often do great but this one is different. It offers a convenient way and mind blowing feelings of listening music throughout home. You can connect the stereo system with computers who are on WI-Fi by pairing it with Sonos Bridge Adapter and listen to different music channels as well. Moreover, both the speakers together produce an excellent sound that surpasses any other rival stereo system.

6. Blackberry Bold 9900

Apple and mobile devices are giving real tough competition to Blackberry nowadays. To counter their challenge manufactures have come out with this exceptional smart phone. Especially the combination of a superb manual key board and a captivating touch screen makes it a must for businessmen and for entertainment. The design is a masterpiece too with a brushed stainless frame and the phone is robust enough to survive occasional drops to floor. BlackBerry Bold 9900 is based on Near Field Communication Technology (NFC) that means it is future proof as well.

7. Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia is not lagging behind in the race of introducing extraordinary smart phones. Nokia Lumia 800 can compete with any latest smart phone available in the market. 3.7 inch screen provides fantastic width and contrast and Carl Ziess camera is unparalleled. Unlike other smart phones, Lumia 800 runs on staggeringly intuitive Windows 7.5 (Mango) that is Microsoft's latest smart phone operating system. Furthermore, Lumia 800 also has a decent battery life.

8. Apple MacBook Air

Alongside smart phones, Apple is also leading the way in traditional computer technology and MacBook Air is one such example. The laptop contains powerful third generation processor with a 512 GB flash storage. RAM of laptop is rather disappointing at just 4 GB but that can be extended to 8 GB afterwards. The integrated Mac and PC processor can run both Mac OS X and Windows Os simultaneously. Screen size is 11.6 inches and laptop features 720p Face Time HD camera and a built in microphone which makes movie making and listening to music a sheer delight. Furthermore, laptop has 7 hours of battery life after one recharge.

9. Samsung LN46D630 46? LCD HDTV

The best thing about this brilliant Samsung LCD TV is that it contains all most everything which someone expects from a TV in a very reasonable price. Color accuracy of TV is great LCD has an express refresh rate of 120 HZ. Furthermore, no other LCD TV can come close to this commodious display as far as energy conservation is concerned. It lets you stream from PCs and other devices certified by DLNA. The most interesting feature is LCD's four HDMI inputs which allow you to connect LCD with gaming consoles, blue-ray, USB and other such devices. In addition, you can also watch photos and videos from your home networks on this multipurpose LCD HDTV.

10. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V

Sony Cyber-shot is the last appliance of this very concise list. DSC is a very useful camera especially for travelers with immaculate picture quality but the price is somewhat on the higher side. However, it is very easy to handle and due to its light weight feels great in hands. Picture quality improves even further when picture is taken in Sony's proprietary Intelligent Auto and Superior Auto shooting modes. In addition superlative movie capabilities of DSC are also the leading ones in the market. In short, Sony has put everything in this camera to give stiff resistance to the rivals like Samsung and Panasonic.

The world of electronics has progressed to such an extent that nothing is impossible to happen. Each day, we hear about a new product being launched with claims that it is far better than others and will outwit all its opponents. So, it is very difficult to find the 10 best products out of an ocean of appliances. However, the above mentioned products have won the hearts of customers in current year and are selling like hot cakes and will continue to do so in near future.