Waves KOMBO Series Refrigerator Price in Pakistan

Waves KOMBO Series Refrigerator Price

Waves KOMBO Series Refrigerator WKG-315 Price

Fan cooled condenser


Waves KOMBO Series Refrigerator Review

Waves has a long tradition of having delivered some of the excellent electronic appliances that have proven their durability and performance. But if you are looking for elegance and design, waves is second to none and the Waves Kombo refrigerator is a clear example of that. Excellence in performance with a new stylish look are its key features. Having a sliver body edges with black or maroon glass on the front makes this model from Waves a true representation of elegance and homeliness. In addition the Waves Kombo refrigerator price in Pakistan is also very luring that makes it a hallmark in quality refrigeration. Other than impressive outlook the performance of this refrigerator is also top notch.

The freezer and the refrigerator compartments are both separate with both delivering cooling that keeps everything in it remain fresh and free from microbials in it. With this refrigerator in your house, you can be sure that you have your favorite food items stored and preserved for a long time. The strong compressor and air tight compartments ensures efficient performance even in extreme summers. If you have the problem of frequent outages, having Waves Kombo refrigerator in your house means everything in is safe and you at a peace of mind.

Waves KOMBO Series Refrigerator Features

  • Powerful cooling
  • Front drain
  • Fan cooled condenser
  • Better cooling retention
  • Rust resistant body
  • Handle with lock