Orient Entertainer Price in Pakistan

Orient Entertainer Price

Orient Entertainer (OR 6057 IN PFEVLV) Price

European Technology Compressor


Orient Entertainer Review

Ever imagine a refrigerator can be your source of entertainment? Orient has made this possible for you for a good price in Pakistan. Gone the days when you have to do exercise for the sake of entertainment especially after having a hectic day at work. Today, things are changing too fast and becoming much easier. With launch of Orient Entertainer, now forget to make a space or fix a budget for the sake of entertainment time. Play movies or music, watch favorite programs on LED TV, Listen Radio or set alarm using calendar. The Entertainer Panel is rich with plentiful stuff to do.

What's New?

Orient Entertainer is more than just a jackpot for everyone in Pakistan. The new product by Orient has been designed with some state of the art features introduced first time in a refrigerator. This new model of orient refrigerator has become the pioneer in modern electronics by serving all new combination of entertainment features, award-winning ProFresh technology and a newly introduced glass door refrigerator in Pakistan. At reasonable price of RS. 50,500, you can avail the Entertainer.

Coming towards the price of orient entertainer, being the wish of everyone the price is slightly higher than average but still affordable for the features that come along in the package. The price hardly remains the concern because the revolutionary Entertainer eliminates cost of television. This saves your money instead and serves you more than just a TV. Similar in functionality, Orient Entertainer comes with remote control so you don't have to do exercise for switching to next channel.


When it comes to energy efficiency, the new Orient Entertainer is unparalleled to anything out there. With affordable price, ProFresh technology, state of the art machinery and Door Alarms as an added feature, it not only becomes light on pocket but also turns out to be easy going and light loaded electronic product. Cooling is never compromised too in the new Entertainer. With the new Cross-link Air Flow, vents move at every shelf ensuring a streamlined cooling performance. The fan functions dynamically ensuring uniform circulation of airflow in both refrigerator and freezer. With extra added feature of Door Alarms, Entertainer lets you know every time when the door is not properly closed. This feature increases the performance by saving the cooling under extreme temperatures.

Orient Entertainer Features

  • 14 Cubic Feet
  • European technology Compressor (Up to 52C)
  • Changeable & Easy-cleaning Gasket
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Grill Shelves
  • Vegetable Crisper
  • Energy Efficient
  • Low Noise Design
  • Fresh Spread and 360 Cooling
  • UV Light, Door Alarm, Cross Link Air Flow, LED Light
  • LED TV, FM Radio, Music & Photos, Calendar, Alarm, Touch Keypad, Remote Control, Built-in Twin Speakers and USB Connectivity