Haier Glossy Shine Series Refrigerator Price in Pakistan

Haier Glossy Shine Series Refrigerator Price

Haier HRF-300 CFB Price

Super Fast Cooling System

Haier Glossy Shine Series Refrigerator Price

Haier HRF-300 BFB Price

Super Fast Cooling System

Haier Glossy Shine Series Refrigerator Price

Haier HRF-340 CFB Price

Wider Voltage Design

Haier Glossy Shine Series Refrigerator Price

Haier HRF-340 BFB Price

Super Fast Cooling System

Haier Glossy Shine Series Refrigerator Price

Haier HRF-380 CFB Price

VC Fresh Technology

Haier Glossy Shine Series Refrigerator Price

Haier HRF-380 BFB Price

Eco Friendly


Haier Glossy Shine Series Refrigerator Review

Haier—Higher Refrigeration Tech:

The Chinese multinational consumer electronics and home appliances company Haier had the world’s largest market share in white goods in 2011. It already enjoys worldwide reputation for designing, developing, manufacturing and selling a large variety of very useful products which include refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, televisions, microwave ovens, computers, and mobile phones. Even greater fame of this Chinese tech giant rests in the great diversity and cutting edge technology of the refrigeration products. Different series of refrigerators are available in the market, one of them being the Haier Glossy Shine Series. As the very name suggests, there emanates a pleasant glossy shine from its exterior, thus rendering an air of style and sophistication to the interior of your beautifully furnished house. The advantageous features of this series include super fast cooling system, eco-friendly nature, very low energy consumptions, silent operation, use of non-toxic materials, wider voltage & body design, and so on. For peeping a bit deeper into the salient features of this marvelous refrigeration product, let’s go through the remainder of the post.

Diversity in the Series:

Besides great variety in the Haier refrigerators as a whole, you can witness considerable diversity in the relatively advanced glossy shine series as well. All the models are not only lustrous and shiny in their outward appearance but also come featuring such advanced traits which are the need of the day and appeal to all and sundry. Though primarily sharing similarity, there lie somewhat differences among different models. So, if you buy Haier Glossy Shine Series member, you will be able to choose from more than eight different versions, including HRF 380 BFB, HRF 380 CFB, HRF 340 CFB, HRF 340 BFB, HRF 300 CFB, HRF 300 BFB, HRF 300 CFB, HRF 300 CFG and so on.


Eco-friendly behavior of any home appliance in general and refrigerators, in particular, is one of the most wanted accomplishments for a potential buyer. Global warming and environmental destruction is not merely the issue of an individual, but it is also a grave problem for the entire global community. This manmade or artificially induced calamity is not only putting the peace of the modern man at stake but also threatening the very existence of future human generations. In this regard, the salient features of this home appliance include low energy consumption, silent operation, the use of non-toxic materials as well as the recyclable parts.

Super Fast Cooling:

Facing acute energy crisis, for a very long time in the country, every individual in Pakistan is already looking for such a refrigeration technology which supports super fast cooling mechanism even under harsh and unfavorable circumstances. Offered with economical Haier Glossy Shine Series price in Pakistan, almost all the models under this category give extremely quick and efficient cooling. In this way even during a couple of hours of the continuous electricity supply, you may get sufficient cooling for the coming long hours of power suspension, thus preserving the freshness of the eatables and other stored items. Moreover, in the sweltering heat of summer, you can easily produce desirable quantity of ice for the needs of the whole family. You can have an idea about the excellent built-in cooling mechanism from the fact that one and a half liters of water can be turned to solid ice within the time span of merely two and a half hours. For the sake of ensuring quick and stable performance, the refrigerators have a 5-side evaporator design. Yet another accomplishment for rapid and uniform cooling efficiency in the home appliance is that it is provided with a big condenser.

Wide Body & Wider Voltage Design:

For an ordinary refrigerator, even minor fluctuations in the power voltage may adversely affect the working and efficiency of the machine. But the same isn’t the case with the Haier Glossy Shine Series as different models of this category can work at their fullest capacity even under extreme voltage fluctuations, as is the case especially in Pakistan. In addition to all this, some models of the series are provided with huge storage space for the accommodation of all the drinks, vegetables, fruits, cooked foods and other items you have at your disposal. So, it will especially be suitable for large households, as they won’t be in a need to buy an additional piece, thus saving a lot of money on this account.

Haier Glossy Shine Series Refrigerator Features

  • Eco Friendly
  • Super Fast Direct Cooling
  • Wider Voltage Design
  • Wide Body Design
  • Ion Deodorization
  • Fruit & Vegetables Crisper
  • VC Fresh Technology
  • Bottle Rack