Dawlance Monogram Plus Series Refrigerator

Dawlance 9144 Mono+ Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 9144 Mono+ Refrigerator Price

8 Cubic Feet

Dawlance 9170WB Mono+ Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 9170WB Mono+ Refrigerator Price

11.3 Cubic Feet

Dawlance 9175WB Mono+ Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 9175WB Mono+ Refrigerator Price

12.4 Cubic Feet

Dawlance 9188 Mono+ Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 9188 Mono+ Refrigerator Price

14.13 Cubic Feet

Dawlance 9188WB Mono+ Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 9188WB Mono+ Refrigerator Price

15 Cubic Feet

Dawlance 91996 Mono+ Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 91996 Mono+ Refrigerator Price

18.5 Cubic Feet


Dawlance Monogram Plus Series Refrigerator Review

Brief Overview:

Standing at par with the international designs the innovative Monogram Plus (or simply Mono+) refrigerator series, from the house of Dawlance, will match the settings of even the most stylish kitchen. The largest of the 6 available models comes with the whopping storage capacity of 15 cubic feet, which equals almost 425 liters. The silver-checked design of its exterior not only adds to its beauty, but also makes the appliance scratch free and easy to be cleaned. Besides all this, you are also being facilitated with an awesome user experience. If you are curious about knowing other wonderful features and functionalities, just go on perusing the reminder of the post as well.

Style Combined with Enhanced User Experience:

The 21st generation is highly conscious about the latest fashion and the newly evolving trends. Keeping this particular view in mind, the manufacturers have embellished their latest products with excellent design and extremely stylish outlook, so that it may come in perfect harmony with your executive kitchen settings. The fine-looking cylindrical handle significantly contributes to your kitchen ambiance. The softly opening doors are meant for the ease of operation and an extra pleasant user experience.

Excess Storage & Maintenance of Cooling:

Here is something very special for those who want to bring home an excellent quality refrigerator with 10% extra storage capacity while remaining well within their budgetary limits. In countries like Pakistan, where there is a serious issue of frequent power outages, every potential buyer aims a purchasing such a fridge which can accommodate maximum amount of food items. It has two major advantages, that is, you can not only store surplus amount of eatables simultaneously but also keep the cooling for longer duration while the power supply has been cut. It is owing to the fact that the more the items are in store, the longer the fridge will remain cooler during the hours of electricity suspension. In this way, the innovative Dawlance product will also offer you a perfect solution for the prevailing extreme energy crisis in the country. Moreover, it is also featured with the advanced technology that is especially meant for the maintenance of superb cooling while you have switched the appliance off.

Mono+ Models Range:

Presently, you can choose your favorite piece among the six available Monogram Plus Series models, which include 9144, 9170-WB, 9175-WB, 9188, 9188-WB and 91996. The last of these (91996) caters to the needs of the large 8 member family, and comes with the highest storage capacity that is 18.5 cubic feet. The exterior dimensions are also just magnificent, measuring 725, 1699 and 625 mm in width, height and thickness, respectively. As obvious from its higher specification standards, you will be required to pay larger amount against the possession of this particular model. In case, you have a small family of merely 4 members, the smaller 9144 model will suffice all of your needs.

Summing Up:

In the continuation of its decades-old glorious tradition, this time too, the monogram plus series will go beyond the expectations of the Dawlance fans throughout the country. The awesome economy, standard and efficiency are just unparalleled. This is the very reason that this Pakistani refrigerator has become a favorite choice for the majority of the sophisticated households.

Dawlance Monogram Plus Series Refrigerator Features

  • Easy to clean and scratch free
  • 10% excess usage capacity than other refrigerators
  • Cylindrical handle – adds beauty to your kitchens ambiance
  • Faster cooling – maintains cooling in power breakdowns
  • Anti Fungus Gasket