Dawlance MDS Series Refrigerator Price and Specs in Pakistan

Dawlance 9122 MDS Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 9122 MDS Refrigerator Price

6.2 Cubic feet

Dawlance 9144 MDS Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 9144 MDS Refrigerator Price

8 Cubic feet

Dawlance 9166 MDS Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 9166 MDS Refrigerator Price

8.86 Cubic feet

Dawlance 9188 MDS Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 9188 MDS Refrigerator Price

14.13 Cubic feet


Dawlance MDS Series Refrigerator Review

Dawlance’s Metallic Design Series:

Sharing an equally advanced level of style and perfection with other successful series of refrigerators from the house of Dawlance, the MDS Series is finally at the very disposal of the potential Pakistani buyers. Here the abbreviation MDS stands for the “Metallic Design Series” and this range is considered to be an all time favorite owing to the shimmering appearance and magnificent outlook. The innovative handle-less door design and plenty of other accomplishments make each of its members worth-purchasing. What could be most appealing to the consumers in Pakistan is the solution that it offers for the troublesome issue of the frequent power suspension. When electricity supply is suspended for extended durations, you run the risk of spoiling the eatables that have been stored in the refrigerator. But such a serious problem now stands solved as the superior insulation of these fridges allows cooling retention and freshness for 4 to 5 hours in case of power failure.

Wide Capacity Range:

The four available models have varying storage capacities with corresponding Dawlance MDS Series refrigerator price packages, thus allowing you make a choice according to your economic strength. For the family consisting of four members, the 9122 model will do, while the larger family of 8 members is suggested to buy Dawlance MDS series 9188 refrigerator. With its large storage capacity of up to 400 liters (or 14.13 cubic feet), it can accommodate a huge quantity of drinks, fruits, vegetables and other food items quite conveniently. Here it is also to be kept in mind that the price of this MDS version is somewhat higher than those of its siblings that come with low specification standards. Meanwhile you can also go for either 9144 or 9166 which are available in intermediate price range and have the storage capacities of 8 and 8.86 cubic feet, respectively.

Comfortable Height and Faster/Long-Lasting Cooling:

The height of the refrigerator compartment has been maintained at a comfortable level, so that you may handle it with utmost comfort and ease. In the same way, there is enough spacing between the consecutive shelves in the fridge, thus enabling you put smaller and large pots or objects quite conveniently in it. Now there comes one of the most appealing features of this popular brand of the home appliances, i.e. faster cooling. Yes, the latest built-in technology is capable of cooling the stored items very quickly. In this way, even if electricity is available only for a few hours, there won’t be any need to worry about the superb cooling of your foods and drinks.


In, on one hand, the sky-rocketing inflation is keeping the modern facilities away from a low income household in the country, the local companies like Dawlance are trying to build such appliances which are not only reliable and energy-efficient but are also very economical. On this ground, one can be sure to say that like all the other Dawlance refrigerators, the latest MDS series will attract the attention of a large number of potential buyers, while earning the manufacturers a great deal of reputation.

Dawlance MDS Series Refrigerator Features

  • Handle-less design
  • Ref compartment height- designed for your comfort
  • Faster cooling – maintains cooling in power breakdowns
  • Shimmering appearance
  • Superior insulation allows cooling retention and freshness for longer periods
  • Metallic and Gold colors