Dawlance LVS Series Refrigerator Prices with Specs

Dawlance 9144 LVS Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 9144 LVS Refrigerator Price

8 Cubic feet

Dawlance 9170WB LVS Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 9170WB LVS Refrigerator Price

11.3 Cubic feet

Dawlance 9175WB LVS Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 9175WB LVS Refrigerator Price

12.4 Cubic feet


Dawlance LVS Series Refrigerator Review

A Glance at the Newness of LVS Series:

Here comes another series of the countrywide famous Dawlance refrigerators, called the Dawlance LVS series refrigerators in Pakistan. Though the price may be a bit higher than those of the low-end brands produce by the same manufacturing company, the specification standards are just above the par to suit the very demands of the modern households. Besides their operation at considerably low voltage and availability in various storage capacities, you will find in them many things of immense appeal, as described below:

Perfect Operation at 135 Volts:

All the members belonging to this innovative family of fridges come with the astonishing feature of “Low Voltage Start-up” which ensures smooth functioning of the machinery even during the time of extreme power fluctuations. So surprisingly, the fridge can operate perfectly well at as low voltage as merely 135 volts! The obvious consequence, undoubtedly, is that you will be getting significant cuts in the electricity bill and you won’t be required to buy a voltage stabilizer. In addition, the hassle of going for frequent repairs will also be eliminated altogether, and neither there will be any need to throw the spoiled food out.

10% Extra Capacity:

If you have got a larger family but are unable to afford two refrigerators, there is no need to worry a bit, as just one such appliance will do what you want! Yes, an LVS refrigerator is provided with as much as 10% extra storage capacity, so that you could store the surplus food items with utmost ease and save them from spoilage. Here it is noteworthy that the more the things are stored in a refrigerator the more will be its potential to retain cooling during extended periods of power cuts. In other words, the excess storage capacity will indirectly add to the overall efficiency of the refrigerator and make it a favorite choice for all the households. Another plus point associated with the enhanced accommodation space is that you can cope with the everyday fluctuating prices of the eatables. That is, you can buy vegetable, fruits and other things for the whole week and save a considerable amount of money because there is very possibility that after a week the prices could soar much higher.

Faster Cooling:

Besides maintaining cooling for longer durations, the built-in latest innovative technology ensures faster and much better cooling mechanism. It simply means that even if the period of electric power availability extends for merely a couple of hours, you can get enough cooling for the stored items. On the contrary, other low end brands are not capable of quick cooling, thus failing to satisfy the customers in Pakistan—a country suffering from acute power crisis.

Models Range:

If you want to buy Dawlance LVS series refrigerator, presently, three models are at your disposal to choose from with varying capacities. These are 1944, 9170 WB and 9175 WB, where the formers is an economical package with the least accommodation room in the series, thus proving to be the cheapest one among its siblings. The 1975 WB version, on the other hand, brings you the whopping internal capacity of 350 liters that equals 12.4 cubic feet.

Summing Up:

There is no denying the fact that if you go for a perfectly suitable home appliance it will serve as a single solution for all the related needs for a longer duration. Along with saving you from the hassle of repairs, the Dawlance LVS series refrigerators successfully cope with the extremely low voltage, power fluctuations, load shedding, and so on. Their appealing design, reliability and long life are also of special attraction for the potential buyers.

Dawlance LVS Series Refrigerator Features

  • Low voltage technology- can run at as low as 135 volts
  • No use of stabilizer- saves stabilizer cost
  • Faster cooling – maintains cooling in power breakdowns
  • 10% excess usage capacity than other refrigerators
  • Wide body design for maximum storage at eye level
  • Anti Fungus Gasket