Dawlance Energy Saver Series Refrigerator

Dawlance 9144WB ES Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 9144WB ES Refrigerator Price

8 Cubic feet

Dawlance 9170WB ES Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 9170WB ES Refrigerator Price

11.3 Cubic feet

Dawlance 9175WB ES Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 9175WB ES Refrigerator Price

12.4 Cubic feet

Dawlance 9188WB ES Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 9188WB ES Refrigerator Price

15 Cubic feet

Dawlance 91996 ES Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 91996 ES Refrigerator Price

18.5 Cubic feet


Dawlance Energy Saver Series Refrigerator Review

With a passion to make their contribution to the solution of severe energy crisis in Pakistan, the Dawlance refrigerator manufacturers have successfully emerged with the highly energy efficient appliances. In simpler words, if you buy Dawlance energy saver series refrigerator, it will not only bring a significant cut in your domestic or commercial electricity bill, but will also offer a way to reduce the overall national energy demands, thus lessening the severity of energy crisis in the country. Besides being amazingly energy efficient, the energy saver series refrigerators from the house of Dawlance do come with enhanced loading capacity and preserve cooling for elongated time period during the power breakdowns. Here follows a brief overview of some of the advantageous features of the Dawlance low energy consuming fridges:

ES Tech—Saving 23% Energy:

Did you ever think what would happen if every responsible citizen of Pakistan made their own smaller or significant contribution towards saving energy to overcome the national energy crisis? Yes, your little effort can make a huge difference, and the results will be warmly welcome by the entire nation. So, if you are determined to play your role in bringing power shortage under control, one of the best and “two-in-one” options is to go for a refrigerator from the ES family. Despite the fact that it offers you the fully loaded freshness, it doesn’t lead to a corresponding increase in the price factor. But instead, it surely brings up to 23 percent reduction in the electricity bill! If such a step is taken by every individual and all the existing refrigerators are replaced with their ES (energy saver) counterparts, the amount of energy thus saved would be enough to run thousands of schools, and light up many villages and mosques in the country. So, with such an ‘easy-to-take’ initiative, you can make the Pakistani nation proud of you!

10% Extra Usage Capacity:

The larger but low income families are often seen looking for such a refrigerator that has some extra space. The obvious consequence is that you can save a lot of hard-earned money, which otherwise you will have to spend on the purchase of a second piece. Here a piece of very good news is that your ES fridges come with ten percent excess storage capacity than other refrigerators. This extra space can be utilized by the large families for the storage of liquids, drinks, medicines, vegetables, fruits, and miscellaneous food items.

Let Freezing Last for 15 Hours!

In Pakistan, especially in the summer season, the electricity shortage assumes much severity with every alternating hour of power breakdown. Under such adverse circumstances, the cooling mechanism of refrigerators gets badly affected, thus leading to the spoilage of the eatables stored therein. But if, in exchange for economical Dawlance energy saver series refrigerator price in Pakistan, you bring such a much advanced appliance home, all of your troubles will get eliminated. The Eutactic plate of the freezer keeps the stored items frozen for as long as 15 hours during power breakdowns—isn’t it so awesome? It means, even if electricity suspension continues throughout the day, there won’t be any need to worry about the spoilage of the food items kept in the Dawlance ES series refrigerator.

Double Textured Door & Contemporary Design:

Intrinsically, every individual wants to go with the mainstream and follow the prevailing trends. Keeping the same thing in mind, the manufacturers have embellished the Dawlance ES refrigerators with contemporary design and double textured doors. In other words, the most energy efficient home appliance with superior performance won’t be looking strange in your house, but it will impart a touch of familiarity and friendship to the household.

Models, Dimensions and Shades:

Presently, the energy saver series of the Dawlance fridges includes six different models with varying capacities and body dimensions. The available body shades for these variants are the crystal grey and stone grey, each of which gives a touch of sobriety and sophistication. The version 9122 and 91996 are the smallest and largest, respectively, with respect to the capacity and body dimensions. Here the former comes with 175 liter of accommodation space, while latter brings you the whopping storage capacity of about 525 liters, where you can easily store whatever you have at your disposal.

Bottom Line:

The energy saver series of the Pakistani based home appliance manufacturers (Dawlance) is something really very appreciable and is bound to win nationwide applause. The citizens, severely beaten by the acute power shortage, are already in a dire need of such a machine which can not only save them from the unbearable burden of ever increasing electricity charges but also offer an effective solution to energy crisis. The Dawlance energy saver series refrigerator price falls within the approach of even low income households, who want to harvest the fruit of the latest tech advancements.

Dawlance Energy Saver Series Refrigerator Features

  • 23% energy saving through ES technology
  • Freezer Eutactic plate- keeps items frozen for up to 15 hours during power breakdowns
  • Contemporary design- double textured door
  • 10% excess usage capacity than other refrigerators
  • Wide body design for maximum storage at eye level
  • Anti Fungus Gasket