Dawlance Bedroom Series Refrigerator Price in Pakistan

Dawlance 9101 Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 9101 Refrigerator Price

3.17 Cubic feet, Single Door

Dawlance 9106 Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 9106 Refrigerator Price

5 Cubic feet, Single Door

Dawlance 9107 Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 9107 Refrigerator Price

5 Cubic feet, Double Door

Dawlance 9108 Deluxe Refrigerator Price

Dawlance 9108 Deluxe Refrigerator Price

5.3 Cubic feet, Single Door


Dawlance Bedroom Series Refrigerator Review

Dawlance already stands as one of the most famous and highly reliable household appliances of everyday utility in Pakistan. Among the popular brands from the manufacturers, there include top quality refrigerators, freezers, microwave ovens, air conditioners, washing machines, and so on. Talking of refrigerators, they come with advanced and efficient technology, thus facilitating the customers with rapid cooling mechanism even in the scorching heat of the summer. Throughout the previous 34 years of its history, the firm has maintained the superior quality standards. Dawlance also enjoys the honor of being the first Pakistani company to have been awarded the ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

The latest models, belonging to the bedroom series fridges, include Dawlance 9101 Refrigerator, Dawlance 1906 Refrigerator, Dawlance 9107 Refrigerator and Dawlance 9108 Deluxe Refrigerator. The last of these versions is the best one as it comes with the greatest accommodation capacity of about 5.3 cubic feet. If you look at the Dawlance 9108 Deluxe price in Pakistan, it happens to be the most expensive in the present series. Only the 9107 is available in double door, while the remaining models are being provided with single door. Concerning the Dawlance Bedroom Refrigerator price in Pakistan, the 9101 will cost you the least as it has merely 3.17 cubic feet of capacity for food storage. However, both the 9106 & 9107 have capacity of 140 liter (5 cubic feet) with slightly varying price packages.

You have a plenty of appealing reasons to buy fridges from this renowned Pakistani manufacturer. Firstly, they come with a wide range of easily affordable package, so that even the low income individuals could bring them home while remaining within their budgetary limits. On the second place, the latest Low Voltage Start-up (LVS) technology enables your appliance run at as low as 135 volts—isn’t it just amazing? It will ensure the smooth functioning even during the extreme power fluctuations, as it is the case in the country. In this way, there won’t be any need to buy the stabilizer, as well as you won’t be required to face the hassle of frequent repairing. The LVS tech standards also account for faster fooling and maintenance of low temperature even during hours of power outages.

The third reason to go for Dawlance products is the compact product package with an attractive and vibrant outlook as you see, particularly, in the Bedroom series. The extraordinary aesthetic appeal will be complimenting the ambiance of your bedroom. The excellent appearance and superb functionality will perfectly cater to the taste of those modern individuals who are looking for style, convenience and a number of other intuitive features, all brought to a single point.

In short, if you want economy without compromising for the style, standard and efficiency, the best option is to purchase the appliance, especially refrigerators, from this reliable Pakistani electrical goods manufacturing company. Just look at the double door bedroom fridge with reasonable Dawlance 9107 Refrigerator price in Pakistan, which is just sufficient for the family consisting of four members. What must attract the potential buyers most is, undoubtedly the faster cooling mechanism and perfect functionality during low and fluctuating voltages.

Dawlance Bedroom Series Refrigerator Features

  • Aesthetically appealing- compliments your bedroom’s ambiance
  • Faster cooling – maintains cooling in power breakdowns
  • Inner freezer door in single door series- retains cooling in freezer compartment
  • Red-Black and Silver-Black colors
  • Modern Design