Super Asia Circumatic Fans Price in Pakistan

Super Asia Fans Circumatic Series CMF Price

Super Asia Fans Circumatic Series CMF 16" Price

Specially Designed blades for Quiet Operation

Super Asia Fans Circumatic Series CMF Price

Super Asia Fans Circumatic Series CMF 18" Price

Available in Sizes 16", 18"


Super Asia Circumatic Fans Review

Super Asia, a Pakistani company that works on the lines and produces products of different values and household usage, thereby, caters them to all its target customers. It has introduced products of different variety in the market that are manufactured with the latest technology. One of its famous productions includes different designs of fans, which it started in 1998. After huge stream of its fans, it has included another latest model named as Circumatic fan model # CMF 16" all new with amazing technology involved in it. It has specifically designed for providing smooth, smart and cool air. Its blades are made of high quality material that operates quietly, spreads out wide air all around with the help of 360-degree oscillation.

Powder Coated Guard and Die Cast Aluminum Body give a shinning alluring looks, Double "Z" Ball Bearings that keeps it more flexible and reliable. It consumes lower energy with the usage of smart technology that keeps your electricity bills quite less. One of its best qualities is that it can evenly work on Low Voltages no matter how low the feedback voltage is; it will never burn and resist the entire electricity. It is available with High Grade Copper Wire that prevents the fan to be fluctuated with the passage of time. According to International Standards, Circumatic Fans are available in two standard sizes of 16" and 18". You can compare Super Asia Circumatic fan prices in Pakistan with its other available models. I suggest you to experience Super Asia Fans that surely bring in care, reliability and durability.

Super Asia Circumatic Fans Features

  • Specially Designed blades for Quiet Operation
  • Wide Air Throw
  • 360 Degree Oscillation
  • Die Cast Aluminum Body
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Works Even on Low Voltage
  • High Grade Copper Wire
  • According to International Standards
  • Available in Sizes 16", 18"