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Royal Mist Fans Pedestal Mist Fan Review

Mist Fan – Cheapest Alternative to Air Conditioner:

An air conditioner is undoubtedly a marvel of modern technology as it can transform the scorching heat of summer into a pleasing environment. But, unfortunately, a person living from hand to mouth is unable to enjoy the deliciousness of this technology. If you are also one of those who cannot afford to buy an AC and bear the expenses of its running and maintenance, the cheapest alternative is there in the form of Royal mist fans. They are incredibly inexpensive as compared with the price of an AC. So, you can beat the unbearable heat of summer without putting an extra burden on your pocket. Also the cost of maintenance and the electricity consumption are not that much high.

Structure & Functioning of Mist Fans:

The mist fans usually have the shape of a pedal fan with certain changes in structure to support some additional components. There is a bucket of water, just above the ground level, which is connected with a tube. The other end of the tube opens just in front of fan’s blades. As the fan is switched on, water is pumped with the help of a motor and released in front of the air flow. The fast moving air turns the water drops into mist. This misty air produces a sensation of cooling. You can also add some ice into the water in bucket for even better cooling.

Peculiarities of Royal Mist Fans:

If you buy Royal mist fan and have a real life experience with it, you will come to realize that it is better both in performance and electricity consumption than other brands available in the market. Some of the benefits of pedestal mist fans, from the house of Royal Fans, are being summarized as under:

Beautiful Design: The modern design of Royal mist fans makes them look attractive. So, instead of looking strange, it will add to the beauty of your well decorated room. At the same time, the smart body dimensions allow it to get comfortably placed in a little available space.

Low Noise: One of the biggest problems with a ceiling or pedestal fan is that it creates noise which becomes unbearable for the person who has to sit in front of it for many long hours. Under such circumstances, Royal mist fan can be a better choice as it creates considerably less noise.

Durability: These fans also enjoy the distinction of being strong and durable. It means the materials used in them are not easily breakable and last longer. So, you won’t have to take your fan to the mechanic for repairing or replacement of parts time and again.

Affordability: In the present scenario of shrinking economies, an affordable price package of any product serves an important factor in boosting up its sales. The same is the case with Royal mist fans, i.e. they are not that much costly. Even a low income buyer can easily afford them.

End Note:

Royal mist fans offer the best economical alternative to air conditioners in the summer season. In addition to being extremely inexpensive, they are energy efficient and consume only as much energy as an ordinary pedestal fan in your house. You would also love to buy them for their beautiful design and durability.

Royal Mist Fans Features

  • Heavy Duty Motor
  • Auto Wind Direction
  • Energy Efficient
  • Long Lasting Motor
  • Noiseless
  • 1350 Rpm Speed
  • Motor Core: Electrical Steel Sheet
  • Winding Wire: 99.99% Super Enamelled Copper CA Wire or 99.99% Pure Copper Wire
  • Rated Voltage: 230+-10V~