Mitsubishi Split AC Price in Pakistan of New Models

Mitsubishi Split AC Price

MSZ-GF71VA (2.0 Ton) Price

Fast Cooling

Mitsubishi Split AC Price

MSZ-50VA (1.5 Ton) Price

Low Voltage Start Up

Mitsubishi Split AC Price

SRK-35VA (1 Ton) Price

Turbo Cooling

Mitsubishi Split AC Price

SRK-13CMK (1 Ton) Price

Comfortable air flow

Mitsubishi Split AC Price

SRK-20 (1.5 Ton) Price

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Mitsubishi Split Air Conditioners Review

Air Conditioner is becoming our basic requirement in summers due to change in climate and hot weather. As we know, it's tough for us to work in the hot temperature. Therefore, Mitsubishi that is one of well known companies has introduced its latest air conditioners to make us cool and calm. Because of excellent performance Mitsubishi Split Type Air Conditioner's price in Pakistan is a little bit higher than other ACs in the market. But money does not matter if your appliance is working well comparatively. Mitsubishi is one of those names who return your money while providing good results. It comes with high quality features and in different pretty shapes. Once you will pay for it but most of the times you will cash because it saves energy, provides you air in every corner of the room and makes less noise.

By activating auto mode selection, it will automatically adjust the room temperature due to fuzzy logic control system. Don't get worry before sleeping due to load shedding, it permits automatic restart and starts work. Mitsubishi has a large number of Split Air Conditioners and all are very well designed and can be easily cleaned. If you will regularly clean its air fan, heat exchanger air vent then its performance will be high. Quality is one of the main reasons of Mitsubishi Split ACs price in Pakistan. You will find high standard compressor and cooling pipes in Mitsubishi appliances which are costly as compared to other parts and play a vital role in this cooling machine.

Mitsubishi Split Air Conditioners Features

  • Easy Clean
  • Econo Cool
  • New LEV Control
  • Super Quiet
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Powerful Cool
  • Wide and Long Airflow
  • Computerized Dehumidification
  • Auto Restart
  • Self-diagnostic Function
  • Electronic Metal Housing Box
  • 24 Hour Timer
  • Anti-Rust
  • Anti-Allergy Enzyme Filter
  • Catechin Plus Air Purifying System