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Waves WB-909 Price

Waves WB-909 Price

Highest International Standard


Waves Blender Review

Waves Company is a fast growing market creeper internationally recognized as the manufacturers of electronic home appliances. You will surprise to see the innovations of waves that bring harmony in diversity with its knowledgeable mind and state of the art engineering.

Waves Blender WB-909 is a latest model of its blender category. This is basically designed for kitchen work like; you can make shakes, grind different vegetables and fruits etc. You will see many old models of blenders having limited durability, but waves Blenders are considered solid, powerful and lasting machinery installed in it. The WB-909 blender offers 1.5 liter capacity jug that is placed over the blender. The blades are made up of solid material like stainless steel that has sharp edges and corners to mix the content in the jug completely and thoroughly. You can run the blender at various low and high speed as per required. As the machine is heavy, therefore it grabs more electricity power to work the blender. You can call it shaker as well and it is commonly used at homes and fruit shops. You can buy this Waves WB-909 blender as get a good experience with it.

Waves Blender Features

  • Highest International Standard
  • Ensuring Maximum Efficient Performance and Reliability
  • 1.5 Liters Capacity
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Eighteen-speed twist dial
  • Heavy-duty 300-watt to 500-watt motor
  • Easy on/off/pulse/ice Crush buttons
  • Specious glass blender jar
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Equal power + Versatility