Why Electricity Prices Are Rising?

Over the past few years, the rising cost of electricity has affected all spheres of life in Pakistan. Both domestic and commercial users of electricity have fallen prey to the inflation caused by its skyrocketing cost. Following are some of the ways in which the rising cost of electricity for living has affected life in Pakistan.

Domestic Uses

There are a number of electrical appliances, which are used commonly in households. Life cannot be imagined without them. Small kitchen appliances like toasters, blenders and juicers, hair dryers, mobile chargers, lights and fans are some of the mostly commonly used electrical appliance that require comparatively less amount of electricity, adding up to a small part of the electricity bills.

On the other hand, some of the major household appliances that make up for the major portion of the bill include, air conditioners, microwave ovens, televisions, water dispensers, washing machines and an array of other appliances which have been improving the standard of living of people all over the country during the last few decades.

However, suddenly, there has been a decline in the purchase and use of these appliances due to the rising cost of electricity for living. People are forced to minimize their use of machines like the microwave oven. They are compelled to share rooms so that only one air conditioner can be used for the entire family. Life has suddenly become hard. Moreover, these electrical appliances are completely out of the reach of the poor. Those who once dreamt of being able to afford them some day have been forced to completely forget about them.


The industries are also suffering due to the increasing cost of electricity. Industry owners have to pay a greater amount of money for the electricity they use. As a result, inflation has increased. The cost of goods manufactured in the local industries of Pakistan has inevitably increased and is still on the rise day by day. So, apart from having to cope with electricity bills, the population of Pakistan also has to deal with the expensive goods in market. Their purchasing power has consequently been reduced and almost every individual is forced to think twice before purchasing something. Luxury and comfort for living have become a dream for the major portion of the population.


Like the household users of electricity, office workers have also been compelled to take measures in order to cut down their electricity bills. It is a shame that even reputable buildings like a bank are forced to minimize their use of air conditioners. When you visit a bank now days, you would not find an AC on before 11 AM or 12 PM. This is an inconvenience not just for the workers, but for the clients as well. This is just one example of how the rising cost of electricity for living is affecting the office life. Its other repercussions include a cut down from salaries of workers in order to meet the electricity demand and pay the bills accordingly.

The rising cost of electricity is affecting individuals in more and more ways every day. It is high time that we take measures that do not force us to compromise our comfort. Instead of minimizing our usage of electrical appliances and paying office bills from our salaries, we should look for alternative energy resources. Windmills and solar cells are just two of the solutions that can solve the problem of electricity costs in future.