Haier Toaster Series Price in Pakistan

Haier Toaster Price

Haier HTR-1125 Price

Reheat/Defrost/Stop Button Detachable

Haier Toaster Price

Haier HTR-1127S Price

Reheat/Defrost/Stop Button Detachable


Haier Toaster Series Review

If you love to have crispy and warm slices of bread in no time with an appliance that makes a good impression in the kitchen then you are looking for Haier Toasters. Coming in quite a wide range of designs and long lasting performance, these toasters are a clear symbol of kitchen art. What is good about these toasters is that they come in a wide range of color options and body types.

There is an easy take out crumb collector that at the bottom of the toasters that makes it very easy to clean, in addition this features is what most of the toasters lack. The knobs are quite stylish that make it a good selection for someone who wants style and performance into one. The Haier Toasters come with the reheat, defrost and stop buttons that give the user ease and versatility of use. Inside, the toasters are made from highly heat resistive and durable steel net and frame that makes it serve the modern kitchen for long time to come. The frame in the middle is moveable that gives can be adjusted to accommodate variable sizes of bread slices. Integration of technology is what Haier does the best and its Anti jamming protection, illuminated function indicator and easy to use eject button gives complete control to the homemaker. If you want a good toaster in a good price, Haier Toasters should be your first choice.

Haier Toaster Series Features

  • Reheat/Defrost/Stop Button Detachable
  • Crumb Collector Tray
  • Automatically Turn Off Function
  • Movable Steel Net
  • Middle Setting Automatically
  • High Gloss Piano Black Finish
  • Blue Light Illumination Indicate Browning Choosed.1.5 L Glass Jug
  • Anti Jamming Protection Design, Removable