Solar Inverters Prices in Pakistan

  • Inverters with 1 Year Warranty
    1200 VA12 VoltRs. 12,500/=
    2000 VA24 VoltRs. 14,500/=
    3000 VA24 VoltRs. 35,500/=
    5000 VA48 VoltRs. 58,500/=
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverters
    1000 VA12 VoltRs. 13,500/=
    1500 VA24 VoltRs. 15,500/=
    3000 VA48 VoltRs. 35,500/=
    5000 VA48 VoltRs. 58,500/=
  • Hybrid Solar Inverters
    1200 VA12 VoltPWMRs. 18,500/=
    1800 VA24 VoltMPPTRs. 22,500/=
    2500 VA24 VoltMPPTRs. 25,500/=
    3000 VA48 VoltMPPTRs. 42,500/=
    5000 VA48 VoltMPPTRs. 65,500/=

Solar Inverters

A solar inverter is an ingenious invention which can help solve the power crisis in almost all parts of the world. It is being adapted as an environment-friendly means of power generation. The trend has been introduced in Pakistan as well. It shows a promising prospect for the country’s power needs which are unfulfilled at the moment owing to the poor generation capacity.

Those who wish to purchase a solar inverter for personal use at homes can take help from the guide discussed below. The following tips can be useful before you empty your wallet.

Evaluate the Required Capacity

Solar inverter prices vary according to the power generating capacity. You can find one with a reasonable price tag if your requirements are small. However, if you want solar power for all the electrical appliances at your home – including air conditioners and microwave ovens – then you would certainly need a more powerful solar inverter. In fact, you might need more than one inverter in order to generate the required electricity for the entire house. Therefore, evaluating your requirements is very important before planning your budget for the purchase.

Compare Prices

As in the case of all other important purchases, it is important to compare prices of different brands of solar power generators. Today, different companies in the country are offering to install solar inverters in houses and other buildings. Make your research by consulting different vendors. You may also look for the prices on the internet. In this way, you will be able to find the most suitable deal according to your budget and requirements.

Consult an Expert

You may carry out your pre-purchase research on your own or consult an expert for this purpose. The latter can prove to be a better option in the long run. This is because an expert will be able to deal with the matter more effectively through his or her technical know-how. You can get a better on about your requirements in this way. An expert would also be aware of the current prices. Therefore, talk to experts at the companies which provide solar inverters and other alternative power solutions.

Look for Secondhand Alternatives

A solar plant is very expensive. Although it cuts down your bills and solves power crisis, it requires a large investment. In case your budget is small, you can look for secondhand options. Used solar inverters are available in different places all over the country. Look for advertisements in the newspapers or the internet if you want to purchase one. You can find a good deal on websites like OLX. However, in case of used inverters, you should make sure the product is in good working condition before you pay for it.

Although the solar inverter prices in Pakistan are high at the moment, you can find a good deal if you follow the above mentioned tips. Solar inverters can prove to be extremely beneficial for homes as well as offices. Buildings in the entire country can turn to this amazing invention gradually for long term benefits. You can, therefore, make the initial investment without hesitation.