Dawlance Double Door Freezer Price in Pakistan

Dawlance Double Door 91997-H Freezer Price

Dawlance 91997-H Freezer Price

400 Liters Capacity

Dawlance Double Door 91998-H Freezer Price

Dawlance 91998-H Freezer Price

500 Liters Capacity


Dawlance Double Door Horizontal Refrigerator Review

The need of the time is to compete with the technological world and Dawlance is a leading electronic company with its wonderful productions. Now, it has done a remarkable work again combining the latest technologies into one piece i.e. horizontal refrigerators. You can refrigerate and freeze the food items in the huge capacity without facing any disturbance of placing them in different shelves.

Dawlance horizontal refrigerators prices in Pakistan are comparative with the installed features in them. Have a look at them in order to pass admiring comments. The horizontal refrigerators plus freezers are available in attractive colors like beige, gray and you can choose matching to the decoration of your kitchen room. Talking about the inside structure, the widespread cooling is made possible through a compressor that is developed with the help of advanced technology. The refrigerator has thick insulation technology that means it can retain cooling for long period without letting the stored items to be spoiled. It has many other prominent features like front drain, fan cooled condenser, rust resistant body and handles with lock. Have fresh meals everyday and maintain a healthier life with these great refrigerators from Dawlance.

Dawlance Double Door Freezer Features

  • Dual compartment- separate freezer and refrigerator compartments
  • Convertible freezer compartment- can be converted into refrigerator
  • Faster cooling – maintains cooling in power breakdowns
  • Front drain-easy cleaning