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GFC Circumatic Fan Price

GFC Circumatic Fan 16" Price

Heavy Aluminium Blades

GFC Circumatic Fan Price

GFC Circumatic Fan 18" Price

Heavy Aluminium Blades

Circumatic Fan with Special Guard Series Price

Circumatic Fan with Special Guard Series 18" Price

Heavy Aluminium Blades


GFC Circumatic Fan Review

General Fan Company (GFC) appeared as the most vibrant company on the horizon of fan manufacturing. It has gained name in Pakistan just because of its high tech products designed and manufactured with its most advance equipments. To realize the facts and specs of GFC fans, it has introduced some Circumatic Fans that are installed most on the side walls and can even be placed on the ceiling. The best part of these fans is that, they revolve in all direction covering almost 360 degree area and bring freshness to the environment with smooth movement. You will see two new models of Circumatic fans in different sizes having similar shape. Visit various sites and compare GFC Circumatic Fans price in Pakistan with other models. These are esthetically designed with plastic motor cover and base.

The grill in front of them is made up of heavy aluminum blades. There is some precision 'sealed bearing embedded' in it for smooth revolving and oscillation. In order to avoid the electricity fluctuation problems in the wires, GFC fans wires are designed with Epoxy powder coated wire guard. You can avail this low power consuming fans for your homes or offices at reasonable prices in Pakistan.

GFC Circumatic Fan Features

  • Esthetically designed plastic motor cover and Base
  • Heavy Aluminium Blades
  • Precision sealed Bearing
  • 360 degree Oscillation
  • Epoxy powder coated steel wire guard.
  • Available in 16" and 18" Sizes