Haier 3-in-1 Juicer Price in Pakistan | Plastic Blender

Haier HJE-1024L Haier 3-in-1 Juicer Price

Haier HJE-1024L Haier 3-in-1 Juicer Price

Silver & Black Color


Haier 3-in-1 Juicer Review

Technology and convenience are two of the major elements of all Haier home appliances and this is why the Haier 3-in-1 Juicer is here. It combines efficiency and elegance into one product that makes extracting juices, blending liquids and grinding stuff as easy as ABC.

With the Haier 3-in-1 Juicer in your kitchen, be assured that you will have everything ready not within minutes but seconds. The body of the juicer, blender and extractor is available in black and silver colors and is motorized with a powerful 1000W motor that is also able to produce microwave output for automatic heating of what you are processing. What makes the Haier 3-in-1 Juicer truly an amazing appliance is the sharp and durable blade of the device that works excellently to make fine all what is put in it. The motor of the 3-in-1 Juicer can work at five different speeds that can easily be adjusted from the knob with 10 digital automatic settings and control. The juicer comes with a separate jug and grinder that gives you complete control over you daily kitchen needs.

Haier 3-in-1 Juicer Features

  • Silver & Black Color
  • Without Grill
  • Digital Control
  • 10 Auto Menu
  • 5 Power Level
  • Auto Defrost & Auto Reheat
  • 99 Min Timer
  • 1000W Microwave Output