Boss Air Coolers Prices in Pakistan

Boss Air Coolers Prices

KE-ECM-7000 Price

Jet Cool 1000 (With Trolly)

Boss Air Coolers Prices

KE-ECTR-7000 Price

Desert Bush (24" Fan) Metal Body with Cooling Pad

Boss Air Coolers Prices

ECM-6000 Price

Cool Air

Boss Air Coolers Prices

ECM-10000 Price

Cool Air

Boss Air Coolers Prices

ECTR-10000 Price

Cool Air


Boss Room Air Coolers Review

Air Coolers –Cheapest Way to Kill Heat:

Pakistan is located in the tropical region with harsh weather conditions. It gets harsher particularly in the summer months. The phenomenon of global warming is already troubling the whole world. Under such miserably hot environmental conditions, the people living from hand to mouth have no choice but to suffer in the scorching heat. In this moment of utter despair, the air coolers manufacturers come to the rescue of the people with meagre income. It is the cheapest alternative to an air conditioner. An AC is much costlier than a room cooler. At the same time, it consumes a significantly large amount of electricity, and a low income individual is simply unable to pay the electricity bill. Air cooler fan, on the other hand, consumes electricity only a little more than an ordinary pedestal or ceiling fan, thus brining only a negligible increase in the amount of electricity bill.

Boss – A Name in the Mart:

The quality and economy of its products has earned Boss a great name and fame in the market and households alike. The company is known for manufacturing many different typesof home appliances, including washing machines, water heaters, water dispensers, electric iron and air coolers, etc. It is also famous as a quality producer of a great variety of appliances used in the kitchen, such as blender, juicer, toaster, deep fryers, coffee maker, food processor, chopper, hand mixer, and so on. The launch of different air cooler models has further added to the clientele of the company. People are extending warm welcome to it.

Boss Air Coolers –Quality, Economy and Affordability Side by Side:

The air coolers from the house of Boss have several unique features attached to them. On the first place, they happen to be very economical, i.e. pose a light burden on your pocket.Consequently, even the people with very low income can easily afford them. Individuals who cannot even think of enjoying cool airwill feel at ease to bring to their home an appliance that will kill the scorching heat of summer. Secondly, the Boss air coolers are energy efficient, i.e. they consume less amount of electricity as compared with their counterparts from the competitors. The third most attractive feature is that they have got a smart look and beautiful design. Placed in a well-decorated and well-furnished room, they come in complete harmony with the environment. The smart body, on the other hand, makes them get comfortably placed in a small available space. Meanwhile, the low noise produced by this air cooler fan should also make you love it and bring it home as soon as possible.

Available Models:

Presently, two models of Boss air coolers are available in the market, namely, KE-ECM-7000 and KE-ECTR-7000. Both are almost similar in their overall body dimensions. The control panel is, however, differently shaped in each model. And this is one of the major differences in their design and structuring. Concerning the performance potential, they will satisfy you and will prove to be a better return for all the amount you spend on them. So, if you want to bring one of them to your home and have a real life experience with it, visit a nearby retail store. There is a strong possibility that after use, you’ll recommend it to others as well.

Boss Room Air Coolers Features

  • Fan Size: 18 inch
  • Touch buttons
  • Remote control included
  • From Rooms up to 75 Sq.m / 750 sq.ft
  • Consumes 180 Watts only
  • Four Sides Cooling Pads
  • 100% Sound Proof Full Plastic Unbreakable Fan Blade with Powerful Air Throw
  • Ait throw at blod level
  • Multi Directional Wheels for easy to move
  • Auto swing of Powerful Air throw
  • Large 56 Liters Tank Capacity
  • Even Operates on Inverters, UPS or Generators