EcoStar Smart 3D LED TV Price in Pakistan

4EcoStar Smart 3D TV

4EcoStar Smart 3D TV 32" CX-32U800 LED-3D-Smart Price

Available 700 and 800 Series

4EcoStar Smart 3D TV

4EcoStar Smart 3D TV 42" CX-42U800 LED-3D-Smart Price

Available 700 and 800 Series

4EcoStar Smart 3D TV

4EcoStar Smart 3D TV 47" CX-47U700 LED-3D-Smart Price

Available 700 and 800 Series

4EcoStar Smart 3D TV

4EcoStar Smart 3D TV 55" CX-55U700 LED-3D-Smart Price

Available 700 and 800 Series


EcoStar Smart 3D TV Review

The EcoStar Smart 3D TV is regarded as the LCD television set of the future! Whether you want to watch television or connect to the internet, this TV is the perfect device for you.

The Best Features of EcoStar Smart 3D TV

What's all the hype about this latest EcoStar TV? You will find the answer to this question after going through the following points which will reveal the best features of this Smart 3D television to you.

The Wi-Fi Technology

EcoStar Smart 3D TV comes with the Wi-Fi technology in order to enable you to establish a fast connection to the internet. As a result, you can browse through different websites, watch YouTube videos, check your mail and perform a plethora of other internet related jobs right on the screen of your LCD television.

The DNLE Technology

DNLE is an abbreviation for Digital Natural Image Engine. It is a latest technology which is applied for enhancing the clarity of the images and their details on the TV. DNLE is, therefore, the reason why users can view crystal clear and sharp images on the screen of this amazing display technology of the future.

EcoStar Smart 3D TV as a Hotspot System

One ravishing feature of this TV is that it also functions as a hotspot system. For those, who are not aware of this terminology, hotspot systems refer to the devices which are either Wi-Fi routers or the Wi-Fi access points. Therefore, your TV will provide you with a Wi-Fi access in order to let you browse through the internet to your heart's content.

Android Operating System

A television set having an operating system is an unprecedented piece of information. However, this wonder introduced by EcoStar in the form of a Smart TV is powered by Android.

Price is Affordable

Price is one of the major questions that come to anyone's mind who goes out to shop for something. However, considering the EcoStar Smart 3D TV Price in Pakistan, there is nothing to worry about. It is not only affordable, but when compared to other similar televisions, it is very low cost.


Ecostar gives all the warranties and quality customer supports to its customers for having a nationwide network of service points. So, you simply do not have to worry about its performance over the years. Owing to the above mentioned facts, once you watch a show on the EcoStar Smart 3D TV, you will not be able to switch back to your old, conventional television set. Indeed, this 3D TV is far beyond a conventional television. It is a high definition television set with a flat screen. It is a Smart 3D television!

The EcoStar Smart 3D TV, therefore, eliminates your need to use an expensive laptop for the purpose of accessing the internet. You can use your TV for this purpose. Imagine how great your experience would be when you use SKYPE on this television. You will be able to see a loved one who lives miles away from you very clearly on this high definition LCD TV. It would be as if your dear ones are sitting right in front of you!

EcoStar Smart 3D TV Features

  • Available 700 and 800 Series
  • Full HD (1920 x 1080) Resolution
  • Android Version 2.3.1 Platform
  • Dual Chip Processing Technology CORTEX A8
  • Smart, Slim and Stylish Design
  • Built in Wifi/RJ-45 (LAN)
  • 20Hz True Motion Image Processing
  • 3D FPR Thriller True Technology
  • 40 plus Pre-loaded Apps with Google Play
  • Pre-installed Adobe Flash 10.1 and HTML5 Support
  • Built-in 2GB Flash Memory with 512 Mb RAM
  • Camera Support
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • 200 Channels
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  • 3D USB Video Support
  • Auto Power Off available
  • Clock & On / Off Timer available
  • Available in 32", 42", 47" and 55"