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You can't find a single house or even a single room in the modern global village which is devoid of electronic devices. But, at the same time, it is also a fact that not every house has an advanced electronic appliance that not only gives superior performance but also saves energy. It is also worth mentioning that there are dozens of multinational corporations which deal with the manufacturing of home appliances of everyday utility, such as Samsung, Dawlance, Royal, PEL, Waves, National, and so on. The par excellence emanating from the products of these companies is unquestionable, but certain items of one company enjoy superiority over their counterparts manufactured by a competing firm. That is why, the process of decision making is very critical for a low income individual because they cannot afford buying the same item again and again.

Dawlance ACPrice

Dawlance Air Conditioner

Rs. 35,800
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Haier AC Price

Haier Air Conditioner

Rs. 38,400
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Orient AC Price

Orient Air Conditioner

Rs. 46,000
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Kenwood AC Price

Kenwood Air Conditioner

Rs. 40,000
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Pel Refrigerator Price

Pel Refrigerator

Rs. 29,600
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Haier Refrigerator Price

Haier Refrigerator

Rs. 39,600
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Dawlance Refrigerator Price

Dawlance Refrigerator

Rs. 27,800
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Orient RefrigeratorPrice

Orient Refrigerator

Rs. 52,050
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Sony Android 3D LED TV Price

Sony Android 3D LED

Rs. 110,500
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Haier LED TV Price

Haier LED TV

Rs. 15,100
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Sony Bravia LCD TV Price

Sony Bravia LCD TV

Rs. 21,900
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Samung LED Price

Samung 3D LED TV

Rs. 56,000
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Super Asia Price

Super Asia Washer

Rs. 6,000
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Dawlance Washing Machine Price

Dawlance Washer

Rs. 9,400
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Samsung Washing Machine Price

Samsung Washer

Rs. 43,000
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Haier Semi Automatic Washing Machine Price

Haier Washing Machine

Rs. 13,350
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